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OHM Packaging
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Special OHM packaging is guaranteed to match stock images for each release for the first three months of the release. After this period special packaging is subject to availability.  


If you want to ensure you acquire any unique packaging, purchase early. In reality the special box designs or special packaging will be around for longer, but due to fluctuations in supply and demand we can only ensure shipments will receive special packaging for THREE MONTHS from the release.


Certificate of Authenticity: For all serialized limited edition items the COA will always be included if the item is numbered. Such as the limited edition version of OCTOHUG which had 111 pieces made in total, or HUG ME 2.0 which is a BBQ design which includes the number in the series as they are made to order. Find out more about COA’s here.


Inserts: Some releases or collections have corresponding inserts which are NOT certificates of authenticity. These will be included for the first three months of the release, and will have ongoing availability as supplies are available and are subject to change.

Special Packaging: Customized project packaging will continue to be available for limited edition items where a COA is included. This includes items like the SUZY THE SLOTH travel pouch, HUG ME 2.0 stuffed bear, etc.

Special OHM Box: After initial release packaging stock is exhausted on regular items they will be shipped using a simple OHM box. Box style, color, and quantity may vary. 


OHM cannot guarantee packaging via email. 

Shipping location may affect availability of certain package options. If you are unhappy with your purchase you have 30 days to return your order. Please review the OHM Return Policy


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