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OHM Certificate of Authenticity
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The OHM COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) shows the serial number of the item in a series. 

There are several versions for the COA. The COA will match the engraving on the bead itself, a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe may be needed to see the engraving. 



LIMITED EDITION WITH TOTAL ONLY: Items may simply be the number out of a total made, such as HEAVY THOUGHTS where 111 were made. 

LIMITED EDITION ALPHANUMERICAL CODE & TOTAL: Items may include a code which matches the code on the COA. This code provides additional security to ensure your design is authentic, such as DON’T GIVE UP

SERIES PRODUCTION: Items may include only a number, which increases as more are made. Such as HUG ME 2.0 or other BBQ designs. These series are usually custom-made to order and do not include a maximum produced.


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