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What are the locks and stoppers for?
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What is the purpose of using locks?


Locks (or stoppers) can be placed anywhere on the bracelet (snap-clasp silver, leather bracelets, or OHM bangles) to keep beads confined to a certain area on a bracelet or to complete a finished design. This method is great when just starting out a bracelet with a few beads, so they don’t slide all over the bracelet and/or a way to make a statement with just a few beads. Also, locks are beneficial when used on a leather bracelet because we recommend just using up to 5 beads on that style of bracelet to halt stretching. 


How do stoppers work?


Stoppers are designed for use with the OHM Bangles only. They also fit on the SKINNY bracelet style by sliding over the smaller side of the OHM S Clasp. There is a small silicone ring in the stopper. Simply press the stopper over the end of the bracelet to help hold your beads in place.

What is a safety chain used for?


Safety Chains add an extra element of security to every bracelet. OHM has two different types of safety chains: the old-style screw-on safety chain or clip-on safety chain. Simply twist (or clamp on) one side of the safety chain to bracelet, add beads, and then when finished add another side of the safety chain and then close a clasp. With a snap clasp bracelet, there is very little chance the bracelet will come undone, but some consumers like the dangle-look that a safety chain brings to their bracelet. These will also fit on leather or bangle style bracelets. 


How to to choose?


The modern OHM collection now has myriad options for bracelet sizes, which means there are many thicknesses and styles for stoppers and locks too!

The larger designs, such as STAR-ITY, will fit onto smaller diameter bracelets and can be used as beads rather than a lock, but smaller stoppers like WATER-ISH wouldn’t work on the thicker style chains such as CHUNKY.

How do you know what fits what? You can quickly determine the size based on the ending of the name. The example of WATER-ISH has the “ISH” suffix and was designed specifically for our bangle series. Here is a run-down of the modern OHM lock and stopper suffixes. 

-ISH stoppers are designed to fit OHM BANGLE series and OHM SKINNY BRACELETS. 

-ERS locks are designed to fit OHM SKINNY BRACELETS and OHM BANGLE series. 

-NESS locks are designed to fit OHM SNAP CLASP BRACELETS

-ITY locks are designed to fit OHM CHUNKY BRACELETS

ERS, NESS, and ITY locks all open and have a hinged locking mechanism for additional security. ISH stoppers are closed donut shapes with silicone inserts. 

(Note that this naming convention does not apply to legacy releases from years past such as Sunset Boulevard or Buckled, which all fit the typical snap clasp style bracelets.)

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