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How do I determine what my bracelet size is?
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The best way to determine bracelet size is to use a measuring tape around your wrist and add approximately one inch (2.5 cm) to leave sufficient room to fill bracelet with beads. 
Alternatively you can use a ribbon on your wrist and then measure the length of the ribbon.


Allowing enough room for bracelet? Place one or two fingers between the ribbon and your wrist.

For BANGLES (Twisted, Plain, or C-Bangle styles):

Choose EXTRA SMALL if you wear 6.3” (16cm) or smaller bracelet.
Choose SMALL if you wear 6.7" (17cm) or smaller bracelet.
Choose MEDIUM if you wear 7.1", 7.5" or 7.9" (18, 19 or 20cm) bracelet.
Choose LARGE if you wear 8.3" (21cm) or larger bracelet.

Note: Twisted & Plain bangles have a bit of flex to them while C-bangles are more stiff.



Actual bracelet length is approximate .5cm longer than listed length. Subtract about 2.5-3 cm from your preferred bracelet size to allow for the clasp. Clasp sizes may vary. Y Clasps (clasps who's name ends in "-y") are all designed to be the same length (e.g., Dragon-y), while the OHM WHO clasp is a bit longer and designed specifically for the OHM WHIP BRACELET.

Additional clasp closure is not required. Use the included OHM S CLASP to secure your bracelet. 



This traditional snap clasp style size is measured based on the clasp being closed. Use a fingernail or Clasp Opener to secure.






These are "one size fits all" and can be double or triple wrap bracelets, or worn as a necklace.



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