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Can my jewelry get wet?
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That's a good question. Sterling silver is totally fine to occasionally get wet, even a little soap will not harm it. HOWEVER, humidity/wetness/continued use in the shower WILL cause the natural oxidization of silver to occur faster. Depending on how you want the jewelry to look, this could result in more frequent cleaning being required.

The same goes for wearing your jewelry ALL the time, the natural moistness of human touch + normal body oils (or lotions etc.) could accelerate the oxidation process.

For a single bead, this probably wouldn't be an ongoing issue, however, for a bracelet/chain the oxidization could build up on the interior of the bracelet making it harder to clean or stiffer.

So, Can it get wet? Yes. Should you avoid getting it wet? Probably. Do I need to worry? Nah, you should be good, just keep an eye on it. Sterling silver is a durable material built for the generations.

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