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OHMisms: An OHM Dictionary & Translation Reference
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OHM + Family = OHMily. It's the name of the OHM community. For example; We are OHMily. Welcome to the OHMily. You are a member of OHMily.


An individual member of OHMily; A fan of OHM. For example; I am an OHMie. We are OHMies.


5 in Thai, ๕, is pronounced "ha" and 555 is used in Thai text-speak to indicate laughter, such as LOL. ๕๕๕ = 555 = hahaha. OHM is primarily manufactured in Thailand.


OHM + Artistry = OHMistry. OHM + Artist = OHMist. Project #OHMistry is a partnership between OHM and Artists to create unique designs. You can shop the available designs here. If you would like to apply to be an OHMist, please open a ticket or email us at [email protected] to request more information.


It's either OHM + Laboratory OR OHM + Collab(oration). The #OHMlab program is where OHM experiments in creating a design based on inspiration and feedback from selected OHMies. You can shop the available designs here. OHMlab assistantships are open every now and again, watch social media for opportunities to participate. 


This program ran from 2015 to 2019 as OHM released a limited edition bead design every month. BOTM pronounced BOTTOM stands for: Bead Of The Month. There were 55 designs made under this program. You can shop the available designs here.


Custom Order LARGE bead designs. These are made to order and may take 6-8 weeks for delivery. BBQ originally stood for Big Bead Quarterly, but we do not adhere to a quarterly release schedule any longer. They are announced as the concepts are completed. You shop the available designs here.


LOL = Levels Of Loyalty

This is what we are calling the OHMbucks program


OHM + Unique = OHMniques. This category of beads contains certain designs that were NOT released as part of the regular catalog. However, the name can be misleading as there are batches of beads that are similar. And as every single bead is unique, there are many that are similar. OHMniques can be one-off samples made during the design process and are more 100% unique. Sometimes we refer to these as "rare." Sometimes they are batch samples for a design that may see the light of day in the future, so an OHMnique could be seen in the collection in the future. There could be 10s or 100s of the design, but primarily it means that the concept was never released as a regular SKU'd item. These are usually only available at events (online or in-person) or through special means.


Random OHM glass beads. These are usually what some may call "seconds" (designs that are usually from a released SKU but for some reason they didn't make the cut). The color is wrong, the shape is inconsistent, overall, the design didn't meet quality control standards for that particular SKU. This could be for a multitude of reasons, such as the glassmaker's hand slipped, the glass got too hot, the inclusion of extra bubbles or glitter, etc. These beads are quality BEADS, but they didn't meet the standard of a particular SKU's design for release.


OHM designs that were ONLY available as part of a custom order. These are stand-alone designs delivered in batches with individual SKU/name, but not released on an OHM Release Day. Rather they were rolled out at the leisure of the OHMster/Retailer, usually in conjunction with an event.


This indicates an item that is no longer being manufactured. Once they are gone, they will be gone for good. Stock may be reallocated between OHM warehouses around the globe from time to time, so items may reappear, however the SKU is no longer in production and is not being regularly restocked.


Curious about a word or phrase not listed above? Contact Us, we'll be happy to chat with you.

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